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How do I obtain the log file?
Posted by on 07 November 2012 08:58 AM


How do I obtain the log file for Report Runner Viewer or Report Runner Batch?



We are here to help you! When you contact us for support, we will always request the log file to know how to best serve you with your particular request.

To obtain the log file, simply do the following...

1) Open Report Runner (Viewer or Batch).

2) Select [Help] from the top menu bar. Note, if you do not see the Help menu, you have configured the software to hide this menu option. Open your INI configuration file and enable the Help menu to be shown.

3) Click on the [Debugging] button.

4) From the drop down menu, select the option [Open Log File Directory]. This will open the exact location of the log files for you.

5) The Report Runner log files starts with JNRR*LOG*.TXT (JNRRV for Viewer logs and JNRRB for Batch logs). Simply send us the log file with the particular error message you are experiencing. Do NOT just send the last log file or randomly pick a log file. 


Note: Always send the FULL log file. Do not copy and paste what you see as relevant. Also, please do not send all log files. We only need the log file showing the error. If you don't know what log file to choose or you don't want to look through the log files, the easiest thing to do is exit Report Runner, restart Report Runner, retry your report(s) (and assuming it fails again), exit Report Runner, sort log files in Date Modified order, and send latest log file.


If you are sending us the log file in an email, continue steps 6-8 

6) You can select the log file (left-click with your mouse one time) from the Windows Explorer Window and then copy by a right-click with your mouse and select the copy function. You can also use the keyboard shortcut for the copy function.

7) Then go to your email client and place your mouse cursor in the message body of your email you are sending to us. Right-click with your mouse and select the paste function. You can also use the keyboard shortcut for the paste function.

8) You should now see your log file attached to your email. 


Note: If Debugging is not on (it's on by default), you can turn it on in the same menu Help, Debugging.