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Version 2016.265 Released - Report Runner Batch and Report Runner Viewer
Posted by Jeff-Net Fan Support on 03 December 2017 07:19 PM


  1. Updated: Added 3 additional AppData directories to monthly auto-backups (Event Server, Form Scripts, and Newsletters). Note, backing up the Event Server directory allows us to auto-backup your Web Portal reports and templates.
  2. Updated: Additional log file messages added related to mail attachments
  3. Updated: New default evaluation license key embedded


  1. Two new JNRRV.INI settings added to customize Viewer; LockID=0|1 and LockPassword=0|1; this was added to allow the ID/password fields to be locked, but allow access for users to still change DSN and Database settings.
  2. Updated: Additional log file messages have been added
  3. Updated: The FREE mail server has been updated (again). We needed to make another change since the last release.
  4. Updated: New default evaluation license key embedded


This update is not considered critical, but our last release 2016.260 was/is. If you are not updated to at least 2016.260, you MUST update.


* Again, if you are not on at least 2016.260, this is a CRITICAL update due to the licensing server change. We have a new licensing server as of 2016.260, and we are unable to set or fix licensing unless you update.